Dog was probably the first wild animal that befriended the man...

From the times immemorial, dogs had their worthy place in the history of human civilization. Images of dogs appear in numerous samples of ancient visual art like rock carvings and pictograms.

Pictograms in the area of today's Armenia (in Armenian)
Ukhtasar and Jermajur pictograms in Syunik region (in Armenian)
Pictograms of Geghama mountain range (in Armenian)
Origins of Armenian Gampr (in Armenian)
Other Dogs of Ancient Armenia (in Armenian)

Archaeological excavations in today's Armenia confirm that the friendship between man and dog dates back to the dawn of human civilization. Archaeological finds demonstrate that in Armenia, dogs were domesticated in the Stone (Neolithic) Age.

1954 excavations of Urartian tombs located in the area formerly covered by Lake Sevan found a well preserved dog skull (in Armenian)
Archaeological finds of Lori-Berd excavations of 1969 - 1973 (in Armenian)